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"...A score of ravishing beauty and endless invention, a breathless fusion of Richard Wagner and Claude Debussy that turns this oddly gruesome fairy tale into something powerful and strange. And Sunday’s performance at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland, dexterously staged by director Alison Pogorelc... made the best imaginable case for the work."  


“A ravishing rediscovery… in director Alison Pogorelc’s fine, keenly physicalized production."

"Here, as everywhere in this superb production of an absorbing early 20th-century opera, the stars aligned in a darkly glittering sky.” 

"Peak musical theater events like this one don’t come along often.”


"Beginning with Paul Dukas’ lush opera, director Alison Pogorelc delivers a gorgeous and deeply clever production—imparting her own interpretation, as well as allowing us room to choose our own. Pogorelc’s unique talent challenges us to engage—desperately needed in today’s operas."


Review: Ariane et Barbe-Bleue

"Alison Pogorelc's staging was at once bold and subtle, with a geometric scaffold serving as the castle edifice and deftly transforming into a dungeon in Liliana Duque Piñiero's set and Pamila Gray's murky, muted lighting." 

"In this gracefully wrought production, West Edge left its listeners to reflect on how daunting both captivity and the path to escape it can be."


"West Edge's first-ever production of the work made its power felt in a grippingly immersive three-hour performance... it was an unqualified triumph."